Thursday, October 7, 2010

Look at Me!
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth. No, it's been an incredibly busy few months. My first book is coming out November 12th and it's still hard to believe. Check out the Wild Rose or for A Perfect Bride for Christmas.
The experience of writing this book was exciting and scary at the same time. Two other authors approached me with an idea for a Christmas series. We decided on three brothers, the Kings, who really aren't wise in the ways of love. It was up to us to teach them a bit of wisdom.
My book deals with what is on the outside isn't always an indication of what's on the inside. Real love comes from within.
Zoe Hillman hates herself for making the same mistake as the heroines in the romance novels she devours. She's overweight, plain, and has the fashion sense of a slug. Why would Alex King,her boss and best friend, ever see her as the woman who loves him with all her heart.
The perfect wife will launch Alex King to junior partner in his law firm. He thinks he's found her until he's jilted at the alter. A drunken bet with his best man lands him in hot water when he wakes up the next morning married to Zoe. So begins the shortest marriage in Vegas.
Five years later, Alex decides to take the plunge again. This time he's sure he's chosen the perfect bride-- until Zoe reenters the picture with a new look and a set of triplets in tow.
Claire Ashgrove and Alicia Dean were jewels to work with on this project. It was amazing to watch the three books, each as different as could be, come together. The internet is a wonderful tool that we used to the max.
Please check out A Christmas to believe in by Claire Ashgrove and A Knight Before Christmas by Alicia Dean.